Frequently Asked Questions

No. Dr. Tory will make sure that the tooth or teeth in question are carefully and profoundly numbed before treatment starts. Endodontists like Dr. Tory are highly skilled at administering anesthesia and utilize many different techniques to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

It depends. It is not uncommon to feel discomfort for several days and in some cases even up to several weeks as the tooth and surrounding tissues are healing. Be sure to utilize the pain control techniques given to you post-operatively by our doctor and staff and don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.

No. While radiographs (x-ray images) will be necessary during your endodontic treatment, we use an advanced non-film computerized system, called digital radiography, that produces radiation levels up to 90 percent lower than those of already low dose conventional dental x-ray machinery. These digital images can be optimized, archived, printed, and sent to your restorative dentist via secure e-mail or portal that is HIPAA compliance.

We usually schedule a complementary 12 month follow up to ensure the tooth in question has fully healed. This is usually a very short appointment that consists of an x-ray and an exam.