About Our Office

What Sets Us Apart?

Dr. Andrea Tory is the only BOARD-CERTIFIED ENDODONTIST in the Plymouth-Canton community. 

We are proud to be known for the high-quality care we provide, offered in a calm and pleasant environment. Our goal is to ensure each patient has an efficient, comfortable experience as we relieve their pain, eliminate infection, and save their natural tooth or teeth.

Dr. Andrea Tory is a highly-trained endodontist who is skilled and experienced in her specialty. While all general dentists have some limited training in root canal therapy, Dr. Tory has in-depth expertise. She performs routine and complex root canal treatments every day, ensuring each patient’s care is efficient and comfortable, for the ideal outcome. Following dental school, she completed a rigorous, multi-year postdoctoral Endodontic residency. This specialized training focused on treating dental issues inside the tooth – what is known as the tooth pulp. Treatment of the pulp, if done properly and in a timely manner, can save the tooth. This ensures a healthy foundation for the restoration and allows the patient to resume their life with a healthier, functional, pain-free bite.

Our Technology: Prior to any procedure, Dr. Tory utilizes state-of-the-art imaging technologies for thorough diagnostics and treatment planning. During the root canal, retreatment, or other process, she uses a specialized operating microscope. The advanced magnification and illumination gives the doctor the most detailed visual acuity throughout the procedure.

Our Team: Our clinical staff is well-trained and skilled at assisting our doctor and at supporting and educating our patients. They are attentive and warm professionals, who understand some people’s apprehension at the thought of a root canal and excel at alleviating worries. Likewise, our front office staff is here to assist with scheduling, paperwork, financials including insurance, and coordinating with the referring practice. They will do everything possible to make the process seamless.

Our Commitment to Ongoing Learning: Dr. Tory and her staff participate in continuing education courses and training, staying at the forefront of the latest developments in endodontics, patient care, and customer service. We are dedicated to providing patients with evidence-based care, using leading-edge, conservative methodologies and technologies.

Our Atmosphere: We have designed our office to be a calm and supportive environment. We want to eliminate any areas of potential stress, so we maintain a professional, clean, and welcoming atmosphere where patients feel reassured throughout their appointment. From the inviting reception area to the clinical operatories with supportive treatment chairs, we are attentive to patient comfort.

Everyone at Parkside Endodontics looks forward to meeting you. It will be our pleasure to save your tooth, relieve your pain, and help you return to enjoying life. Please contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment.